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Dorchester County

    Land Area
  • 559.54 square miles
  • Sea level to 57'
  • Annual Rainfall: 44.0"
  • Annual Snowfall: 15.0"
  • Summer Avg Temp: 75º
  • Winter Avg Temp: 36.6º
    Population Estimates
  • 1990 - 30,236
  • 1995 - 30,000
  • 2000 - 30,674
  • 2005 - 31,320
  • 2010 - 32,152

   The African-American experience in Dorchester County, Maryland consists of documented facts, oral histories, cultural traditions, legends and folk tales woven into a history that holds national significance. Dorchester County is the birthplace of Harriet Tubman, an American patriot, and the icon for what is known as the Underground Railroad. What was a secret, illegal enterprise is today famous and regarded as a noble activity that led hundreds of enslaved African-Americans to freedom. From a small farm in Bucktown, just outside of Cambridge, Tubman became the deliverer of over 300 slaves through a network of hidden places and people that heroically offered comfort, refuge and ultimately freedom from a brutal system of laws and a life of enslavement. The Underground Railroad legend recalls a time when abolitionists of all colors worked unselfishly together in the cause of human freedom.

  From the Underground Railroad legend to the modern day civil rights movement, Dorchester County has an important story to tell. Here, you may visit the birthplace of Harriet Tubman and sites related to her life in Dorchester. Descendants of Harriet's family still live in Dorchester today including the oldest known relative, Nicie Ennals. Trace the steps of local African-American leaders of the 1960's, like Gloria Richardson, who fought to tear down the walls of segregation and open doors to better job opportunities, better housing, and a better education for all. Today, Dorchester County represents a microcosm of race relations in America where lingering notions of inequality and discrimination still remain among some members of the community.

   Dorchester County's more than 750 businesses employ more than 10,000 workers, 36 percent of whom work in manufacturing. An estimated 15 companies have 100 or more employees. The balance of the county's work force is primarily employed in service and retail trade industries.

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