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Frederick Douglass
(February 14, 1818 - February 20, 1895)

Frederick Douglass

  Frederick Douglass once told a group of African American students from a school in Talbot County, Maryland, "What was possible for me is possible for you. Do not think because you are colored you cannot accomplish anything. Strive earnestly to add to your knowledge. So long as you remain in ignorance, so long will you fail to command the respect of your fellow men."

   Born Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey to a slave mother and a white father he never knew, Frederick Douglass grew up to become a leader in the abolitionist movement and the first black citizen to hold high rank (as U.S. minister and consul general to Haiti and also a US Marshal) in the U.S. government.

Newspaper Publisher
Ordained Minister
US Presedential Advisor
Bank President
United States Marshal
US Consol-General to Haiti
Recorder of Deeds, District of Columbia
International Human Rights Activist
American Women's Rights Activist
Frederick Douglass' birthplace map
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