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List Your Event Here

Please use our online form to submit your event to the Shore Calendar. If you have any questions or if you experience a problem with this form, or if you have several events to post and they are in an attachable file please email our webmaster. If it is only available in "Hard copy" format you can mail it to:

Eastern Shore Calendar
8117 Haven Street
Denton, MD 21629-0025

 Submitter's Information   (Not posted to the web)

Contact Name:

Contact E-mail Address:

Contact Address:

City, State, Zip Code
Contact Phone:

 Event Information

Please complete the following information about the event:

Event Title: ' (Example: Maryland Jazz Festivel)

Venue Name:  (Example: Olde Towne Opera House)

Venue Address:
Venue City, State, Zip:
Event Sponsor: (Organization sponsoring the event, if applicable)

Event Website URL:  (Site where more event information is available.)

Event Time:(9 am- 5 pm, 8 pm, All Day)

Event Price: ' ($5-$10, Free, Adults $5 Children Free)

 Event Dates

If the event is a one day event, only complete the first date. If this event has an ending date, specifiy both the first date and the last date. Otherwise, specify that the event is ongoing.

Start Date:   (If the event is a one-day event, please only fill this field.)
End Date:   (If the event has a specific ending date, please fill this field)

 Ongoing   (Please indicate if this is an ongoing event here)

 Event Description

In the box below, please enter a brief description of the event. About 100 words.

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