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780,000 Hits per month - 112,000 pages viewed - 25,000 visitors provides the opportunity to advertise to a specific target audience in your business area. Highlight your services, products or specials for potential customers. We accept a limited number of ads for placement on various pages within The Eastern Shore Guide. All ads are run on a flat rate basis.

  NEW LOWER RATES!!  New monthly or annual Advertising Packages are available based on your companies needs. Please contact us for special pricing.

   Listing your company information is and always will be FREE and more visible or traffic generating options are very affordable.

   Top banners in business listings are set for the entire category - all visitors to any page in that category can see your ad. For advertising for a little less choose the option for specific page advertising. While it is very targeted (will be in view of a targetted audiance), your ad will only appear on that page.

   Please scroll down this page to see the vast assortments we have available for nearly any business budget.

Advertising Options detailed:
Feel free to contact us with any questions about advertising or listing your business.

Front Page Featured Site of the Month
The Featured Site of the Month has a large location on the front page near the top of the page that allows you to utilize nearly 200 pixels X 200 pixels for a logo and/or text relating to your site or service.    The Featured site of the Month is only $50 (US) per month.

Front Page additional options
Full Banner Ad (Top)  468 x 60 pixels
Full Banner Ad (Bottom)  468 x 60 pixels
Half Banner Ad   234 x 60 pixels
Article - written by you with limited links .

   $50 (US) per Month
$30 (US) per Month
$20 (US) per Month
$25 (US) One month only
Articles are to be no more than half-page printed text and may be edited to fit the page if necessary.

Similar Options for inside pages
Inside pages allow areas for you to get noticed. Some offer more than others, some are more targeted while others are generalized. Please contact us about your interests and we will help you choose the right plan for you.
Full Banner Ad (top)  468 x 60 pixels
Half Banner Ad   234 x 60 pixels
Vertical Banner   150 x 100 pixels
Button   120 x 30 pixels

   $30 (US) per Month
$20 (US) per Month
$20 (US) per Month
$15 (US) per Month

Enhanced Listings
   Enhanced Listing - Same FREE Listing as on every page available but with the addition of a visible link to your web site or email.

This option is $35 per year (per linked listing)

Featured Listings
   Featured listing in a "specified by you" category such as Automotive/Dealers.

$9 per month - 3 month minimum

Eastern Shore Homes for Sale
Have a listing on our Eastern Shore Homes for Sale page.

Realtors - have a logo our name or business name and description with links to your webpage visible to all interested in finding homes for sale on Maryland's Eastern Shore

Basic Pricing Guidelines (contact us for more pricing options)

Basic Listing
Company Logo (graphic with link) - write up about Company/Agent (2 or 3 sentences with link)
   Basic Listing with 1 image/listing$145
   Basic Listing with 2 images/listings$165
   Basic Listing with 3 images/listings$185
   Basic Listing with 4 images/listings$200

All images will be a link to your listing on your website. Max of 4 listings.

When the property is no longer available you must inform us and provide us with a replacement listing.

Banner Development

The Eastern Shore Guide staff can develop your banner for you.
Graphic Button Development available from $50;
Graphical Banner Development is available for $100;
Animated Banners can be developed from $150.
E-mail us for more information.


All ads must be prepaid, and minimum run is 30 days. Discounts may be available for ads running more than 2 consecutive months or for Non-Profit Organizations.

Please contact us for details, or to book your ad.

We reserve the right to refuse any advertising that we feel is inappropriate.

Rates are subject to change without notice. Where there is a rate increase during an ad run, the rates on signing will apply to the end of the paid up period. Renewals or subsequent ads will be charged at the new rate.

Advertisers are solely responsible for supplying appropriate graphics and linking information.

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