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Eastern Shore Guide - Privacy Policy provides the opportunity to advertise to a specific target audience in your business area. Highlight your services, products or specials for potential customers. It is our job and responsibility to make sure the people in need of your services can find you so some of your information is intended for public viewing.

   Our privacy policy is very simple - If it is not to be included in your listing, coupon or ad, nobody has a right to the information.

   We will not give out, sell, or otherwise distribute any information we obtain from you while in the process of listing your business, creating your coupon or running your ads. The very same is to be expected when making a purchase from this site. Unless required by law nobody will ever get this information. No credit card or bank account information is stored online so there is never a worry about hackers and identity theft.

   While we make every effort to be sure your business can be reached by the consumers or companies in need of your services, we do not and will not provide bulk information to any form of mass-marketing. We do not provide phone number lists or mailing addresses other than what is available on this site and in no other form than what is on this site.

  It is our goal to be the most complete internet resource for all eastern shore information. In time with your help and the assistance of a confident community, we will achieve this goal.

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